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You can purchase ready-made products, and custom embroidery.

Questions and answers

How much costs your work??

The final cost of your order will consist of software development costs and prices for embroidery manufacturing. For each order, an individual program is made. The price depends on the production of embroidery complexity. This can include both types of fabric or thread, and the number of ordered products.

In any case, you should better contact us directly. Then we can discuss all the nuances and find the best option.

How long do you produce the order??

The full order execution depends on its complexity. The order of a large batch as well as the creation of embroidery programs can increase the manufacturing time of the order and, accordingly, it will be sent to you.

Can i make a single order?

Yes, we work not only with wholesale orders, so you can order an individual design and discuss special requests.

I have the design. Can you transfer it on the fabric??

Yes, you can send files with your design and all suggestions to our email, which you can find in the section "Contacts".

What is the maximum size of embroidery that you produce?

Our unique equipment allows making the embroidery in various sizes. You no longer need to be tied to standards. We can embroider on fabric of non-standard proportions, and directly on the silhouettes and patterns.

What material do you use for the production?

We offer execution of embroidery on all types of fabrics and various materials.

Can i use my material, or you work on you only?

If you want to use your material, or if you have already finished parts cut, you can send them to us a convenient way for you.

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